Coffee Machine Necta Kalea 2ES3RM/Q

178.600.000 vnđ
  • Manufacturer: Necta
  • Origin: Italy
  • 1 year warranty

Coffee Machine Necta Kalea 2ES3RM/Q

– Manufacturer: Necta
– Made in: Italy
– Warranty period: 1 year

– The coffee grinder machine by aluminum alloy with large grinding disc. The grinding speed is extremely fast and it’s capacity is large.
• A professional and fully automatic system makes the control process more standardized for drinks from fresh milk
– Body: Steel frame & thermoplastic composite and super durable.
– The latest generation 7” touch screen with 4 interfaces for 40 different drinks on the icons on the screen

– Control connection via smartphone: WiFi / Bluetooth and compatible with 3G
– Modules can be repaired and replaced quickly.
– Coffee nozzle can increase and decrease the height to suit each type of cup
– Touch screen: allows flexible manipulation such as settings for the machine and dispensing as well as errors during operation. Help you more effectively control your coffee maker.
– There is an automatic program to clean the machine system with 1 touch
– Specialized coffee machine for Italian coffee
– Direct water connection

Boiler Capacity 3 specific boiler:
+ Coffee bean container: 2
+ Instant coffee container: 1
Voltage 230-240V/50-60Hz / 16 Ampe
Power (W) 3000
Hourly Input 200 Espresso cups/ 160 cups/ 80 hot water cups/ 120 cups cappuccino/ 130 Latinos
Beans capacity 1.2kg x 2
Soluble canister 1.8kg
Coffee Brewer 16 gram
Dimension (mm) 368 x 586 x 788
Coffee extraction spout height 80 - 173 mm
Net Weight (Kg) 47
Pump Pressure 20

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