Exclusive distributor of BFC in Vietnam

BFC is a professional coffee machine brand hailing from Italy, established in 1947. BFC’s products take pride in high quality and are widely utilized within the coffee industry. BFC specializes in offering a diverse range of professional coffee machines and home espresso makers.

BFC coffee machines are highly acclaimed for their quality and durability, as the products are meticulously handcrafted and come equipped with features such as consistent and precise coffee extraction, stable temperature and pressure control, along with elegant and ease of use. Additionally, BFC consistently innovates and incorporates the latest technologies to deliver a great experience to users.

In 2014, Kien Nam Barista successfully negotiated and became the importer and distributor of the renowned BFC coffee machine brand, ultimately becoming the exclusive distributor in the Vietnamese market by 2020. Kien Nam Barista specializes in supplying various lines of professional coffee machines, including:

BFC DE LUX Coffee Machine: boasting an elegant design predominantly crafted from stainless steel, ensuring durability and stability throughout its usage. The machine is equipped with advanced control systems and technologies to guarantee optimal performance and the highest coffee quality.

Dòng máy pha cà phê chuyên nghiệp

The BFC De Lux stands out with features that allow for brewing multiple coffee shots simultaneously with precise pressure and temperature control. It is equipped with an automated control system that enables users to customize coffee brewing parameters such as pressure, temperature, and brewing time. Additionally, the self-cleaning function facilitates easy maintenance and hygiene of the machine.

Máy pha cà phê BFC Delux 2G/14/EL (Định lượng tự động) được thiết kế dành cho các không gian rộng lớn, yêu cầu tính thẩm mỹ cao. Phù hợp với những quán cà phê hiện đại, các chuỗi quán cà phê to go, quán cà phê take away… có công suất phục vụ cà phê trên 400 tách/ngày.

BFC DE LUX “RS” Coffee Machine: is an excellent choice for professional coffee shops. It features an elegant and robust design, with a stainless steel frame and copper details. Equipped with an intelligent electronic control system, it allows users to adjust pressure and temperature to produce high-quality coffee shots.

BFC GALILEO Coffee Machine: is one of the most popular professional coffee machines on the market today. The machine boasts a beautiful and sophisticated design with luxurious colors, creating a modern ambiance for your coffee shop.

Máy pha cà phê BFC Galileo 2G/14/EL có dung tích 14 lít, công suất 3700 W phù hợp với nhu cầu sử dụng các cửa tiệm cà phê có quy mô lớn.

The BFC Galileo is equipped with an intelligent electronic control system, allowing users to easily adjust temperature, pressure, and coffee brewing time to create high-quality coffee cups. The machine is also outfitted with a specialized water filtration system, which helps eliminate harmful impurities and minerals from the water, enhancing the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

The BFC Experta Coffee Machine: features a family-friendly design. Meticulously crafted entirely from stainless steel, it offers an elegant and highly aesthetic appearance.

With its unique automated control system, coffee brewing becomes easier and more precise. Additionally, the machine is equipped with temperature and pressure adjustments to produce perfect coffee shots with exceptional bitterness, aroma, and richness.

With prestigious and professional after-sales services and maintenance, Kien Nam Barista is trusted and widely used by many customers and partners in many systems and coffee shop chains nationwide:

Morning Coffee system – BFC DE LUX Coffee Machine

Morning Coffee system – BFC DE LUX Coffee Machine

PheLa system – BFC Galileo Coffee Machine

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